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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eggs and Blessing Others

I never knew I would think an egg was so pretty.
There is just something delicate and dainty.
And I when I see them I think of the marvelous creation they are created by my God.
He is so clever... all the different sizes and colors that He designed... and the layers.
The layers intrigue me... odd, I guess, but it is so neat when you look at the layers of an egg.
And the last thing to go on the egg is the color and protective coating. 
Amazing stuff.... these simple little eggs.
The eggs pictured here are eggs I shared with a friend.  I never wash off the protective coating until I am using my eggs, so I sent these dirty eggs home with my friend in a cardboard box stuff with plastic grocery bags.  When she got home she washed them up and put them in this pretty basket and took a picture.  It is a blessing to share the bounty that God sends our way.  These eggs are a small way I can bless others, so I try to share any that I can.  We are never short on eggs here with 19 chickens! 

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