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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Octopus for Lunch and Homeschooling Our Way

"O" = octopus wieners with shell and other shape pasta, "O" candy gummies, round cucumbers, and I squirt of ketchup for those octopi to dip in.

Well, it ain't gourmet, but the kids loved it!  We are studying the letter O this week with my Kindergartener and Pre-Ker.  I had someone tell me how creative I was, but I can not take credit.  I got the octopus wiener idea from Pinterest.  I am really a pretty dull homeschooler.  I don't really do too well at homeschooling and making it fun.  Every once in a while I do good, but I over think things and end up not following through with all the wonderful ideas that I do have.  This was a successful day. 

Homeschooling seems to be that way for me... there are these moments of greatness and then, we hit a valley.  I always reset goals when I see myself slipping back into a valley moment.  Let's just say I spend a lot of time resetting goals.  I really struggle with the little kid ages.  It is just one of those things.  Some people love all that stuff... sitting and drawing, cutting and gluing, painting and drawing... and I do, but when you put a toddler and little kids in the equation I start stressing out in a hurry.  I would rather be running around outside or jumping on a trampoline with my kids.  Going for walks is just my speed where all the messes can be made outside.  I think that is okay, though.  We all have our way of making it work.  Unfortunately, my kids probably learn the academic stuff a little later in the beginning years, but they learn it eventually.

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  1. Shannon!
    You are doing a wonderful job homeschooling your children! You are the only one who can do your job! I am very proud of all the growth I have seen you make in the past 4 years we have been friends! You are a fun homeschooler!!!


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