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Friday, January 11, 2013

Funny Things They Have Said Lately... About 2 Years Ago

I noticed I have about forty posts that I have started and never finished, so I decided to see what they were.  I must have been planning to add a few more cute things to this post.  This brings back some memories because this is over two years ago.  I wish I could write down every cute thing they say. 

Caden: Momma, can you get me something to drink?

Me: Do you want some lemonade?

Caden: Yeah! Lemon-lade is good!

Me: Caden, what are those things flying in the sky?

Caden: A-planes and Hopper-coppers.

On vacation this Summer everytime Cody would walk away Sahara would start calling after him.

Sahara (Goo-Goo): Daddy, I hudge you! (Daddy, I love you!)

Savannah: Meeting! Meeting! We're having a little kids meeting.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE LISTENING TO KIDS TALK!!!! what a sweet blessing. :)
    Good for you for documenting it here!!! I like lemon-lade too! :) :)


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