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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Repurposed Items for Container Gardening

I was looking around online and found these great ideas for planting containers.  I am a believer in using what you have or repurposing something that can work for your needs, so all of these ideas caught my eye.  Gardening is all I seem to be able to think about lately.  Tis the season!!!  I shared these links with a local group of friends and I thought it might be nice to share them here, as well.  I hope someone finds them useful.  And not that you will do exactly what is pictured, but it will make you think to look at things through different eyes.  Maybe you have something that you are planning to toss in the garbage, but it can be uses as it is, painted a different way, or be completely redone to serve a new purpose.  I know I have some scrap boards from a treehouse project we are doing that I can build like a simple miniature raised bed more like a square wood pot and I can just see it being about two foot high and making it completely bottomless.  I can put newspaper (etc.) down under it and plant some potatoes in it and when it is time to harvest just lift the wooden box off and harvest my potatoes.  Maybe I need to make it a little taller, but you get the point.  

For those of you short on containers I saw these chicken wire baskets. So, look around... maybe you don't have chicken wire... maybe you have some scrap boards. Use what you have and think outside the box. http://www.thediyadventures.com/2013/03/12/chicken-wire-herb-basket/


Planter idea: Wood scrap planters.... so pretty! 
Planter ideas: pretty boxes
I am not sure I could plant in the boxes above because they are too pretty!  Wouldn't they be gorgeous on a shelf in the house, too?!! 

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