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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roland the Rooster

Roland is our rooster.  He is a Buff Orpington.  And no, we do not usually name all our critters, but this fella came to use with a name already.  The kids name the rabbits and the critters that are special to their heart in some way.  We had a duck that was club footed named Flicka at one time.  He was our first duck hatchling.  They have named one of the ducks Zebra since she has some strange stripes on her chest, but mostly we do not name everything.  With so many I am certain we would never be able to remember.

Since we have never had a rooster this has been another interesting experience.  Roland crows two hours before the sun comes up.  I don't know what makes a rooster crow, but I always thought it was so those first tiny glimmers of dawn on the horizon.  Apparently, not.  It does not bother me since I am not used to getting full nights of sleep and really he does not awaken me.  I hear the crowing because I am already awake.

He is quite a bit larger than the Buff Orpington hens that we have.  I did not realize there was such a difference in the size of males and females.  He is wider, as well.

Spurring is not something I had ever seen.  Roland attacked Cody's boots one day and then, he chased after Caden another day,  It is quite interesting how the rooster jumped up and down and used his spur claws to do just what it is called... "spur".  He is quite the "ladies man"... every hen that passes by is at risk of being "spurred"... ahem... uh... mated.  We keep him confined with our two Buff Orpington hens, but one of the Aracaunas kept finding a way to get into that area  for the first few days we had him.  We are likely to have some mix breed chickens thanks to him.  The last couple of days I have let all the hens and Roland free range.  I am not sure that was the best of ideas.  He has been mating my whole flock it seems.  I think he will be missing out on future free ranging days.

 This is NOT Roland, but he looks identical to this.  
I am still without a camera so I borrowed this photo off the internet. 

 He is fast.  We are not able to catch him, but we are able to "herd" him where we want him to go.  He also comes back to roost if he is let out.  I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at home chickens come home to roost shortly before dusk and put themselves to bed.  Ohhhhh... if only children did that life would be simpler. 

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