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Monday, November 25, 2013

Caden / Coldness & Procrastination / Colorado Dreaming

 Caden, 7, sweet little man... the only boy in this house.  He is by far the easiest of my kids in many ways other than being heavy as lead.  He is thick and stocky and has been breaking my back since he was a baby.  Well, not really... I haven't carried him for a long time.  He is simply too heavy and has been since he was probably about three years old.  

This is how he dresses EVERY.DAY.OF.HIS.LIFE... no joking... minus the hat.  If he could get away with wearing a three piece suit and tie everyday, he would... even Summer.  I don't let him.  It's either this or his red bandana cowboy shirt and boots.. or his pirate clothes... or his knight costume.  He likes to look good and many things about him remind me of my daddy.  He looks like him and makes many of the same expressions... rough skin... thick as leather fingernails... and a little bit vain.  It makes me laugh a bit.  

He is tenderhearted and quite wimpy.  If he thinks he is going to have to take a spanking for punishment you can bet he is going to work himself into such a fit that most of the time we can't bear to spank him.  The girls are not this way.  He nearly hyperventilates.  He cries when someone else gets in trouble and he is seriously afraid of any pain.  Trying to get a sticker out of his foot is like holding down an octopus.  Just yesterday he swallowed one of his own teethe because we could not get him to pull it and it finally fell out while he was easting.  We are still begging him to pull the other tooth that is barely dangly in his mouth (Wimp!)  When he was about two he had to have a particle removed from his eye and it took five adults to hold him down.  He's incredibly strong like his daddy.  

With four sisters he has spent many days in princess clothes and getting his nails done (Daddy put an end to that.), but he is all boy.  One minute he is a ninja or has one of his sisters in a headlock or wrestling on the trampoline.  He is drawn to all things boyish.  The very first time he went outside with his B.B. Gun he came back with a dead bird.  I was horrified, yet had to tell him awesome it was.  He shot that thing out of a tree!!  At 7 years old he did that without ever having practice.  

He is a charmer, too.  He has all the ladies and girls "oooo"-ing and "ahhh"-ing at him since birth.  He is a hunk of cuteness!


Coldness and procrastination... these are the two things on my mind.  I have so much to do, but it is so cold I just want to sit here near the fire and chill out.  I should be organizing and cleaning while I can... or, at the very least, cooking for dinner.  

In Texas we just don't do cold well.  It is very humid, so the cold here is bitterly wet.  And today it is raining and cold.  It has been a drizzle of rain all day.  I wish the temp would just drop another 10-15 degrees and it would snow, but alas... this is Texas... Southeast Texas.  It is not likely we will get snow.  One can dream.  And I have been dreaming....

This time of year I always get a little fever... not a temperature fever, but "Colorado Dreaming" fever.  I want to go to Colorado so bad this year I, but it just can't be done.  I want to feel the snow, see my kids amazement of it all, sled down a hill, drink hot chocolate with frozen fingers, and all that fun stuff.  I am dealing with it, though.  In fact, I am loaning out our snow stuff at Christmastime.  At least, someone will get to go to snow and that family has never been... ever.  That brings me joy!  


So, I guess I can't procrastinate for too long.  We have family coming in this week and I have dinner to cook for tonight.  I am thinking of a soup of some sort, but I have chicken breast out and thawed.  Usually, I would go in the direction of gumbo, but I think I will make a chicken and rice soup with fresh bread.  If I am going to cook dinner and do some more cleaning/organizing I better get on it.  So, here I go.....


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