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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Emergency Skirt / Sahara / More Randomness

Sahara... that downward frown... that is on her face most of the time... she pouts to get her way and she thinks it works.... she would stay out of trouble a whole lot more if she would just stop it... but she really is the cutest thing which saves her a LOT.

She is bouncy and bubbling going a hundred miles an hour.  She wakes up on full speed and runs that way all day long.  Usually, she is cranky all day, too.... so, that makes for interesting days.  She is not a morning person and she happens to live in a home of all morning people.  When everyone else says something nice like, "Good morning!" or in an overly chipper voice, "It's morning time!!!" she grumbles and stomps around the house.  Or yells.  

She can be an eager helper and will get upset when she does not get to help on certain things.  We have learned recently that she can out clean all her siblings if you tell her to clean her room.  Why?  She is extreme OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which explains all the fits, too.  Things NEED to go her way or her order is confused.  Things still can not go her way all the time which is why she ends up with more discipline unfortunately.  ;)  We love her in spite of her craZy little attitude and we take responsibility for a great deal of her issues.  This girl had a house full of people that never said no to her for about three years.... bad move on our part.  But she was so stinking cute and she is "our Goo-Goo".

She is "in love" with her brother and he is "in love" with her.  They think they are going to get married... and sometimes they play like they do.  Just a couple of days ago she walked in the room dressed to go somewhere and her hair in two braids and this was the conversation:

Caden:  She is beautiful!
Sahara:  What?!!
Caden:  She's not really... (trying to act like he was joking)
Caden (looking at me and talking low):  She really is beautiful.
Me:  You know can't marry your sister Caden?
Caden (looking aggravated):  What?!!!
Me:  That is so gross Caden.  You really can't.  
(Caden did not really like that answer.  They are going to be so embarassed by the these stories one day.)

She is cute!  Beyond cute, actually.  God blessed me with a lightweight petite little thing after that hunken large boy child of mine that almost broke my back to tote around.  I could toss this little featherweight on my hip and run with it.  At five years old I can still easily lift her. 


So, how do you like this little skirt she is wearing?  This was an emergency outfit one day when we were on our way to our homeschool choir meeting.  We had a picnic at the park and played on the playground and someone had a potty accident... in her pants.  And with pants you are kind of stuck when that happens.  That was one of those moments when I wished I had dressed her in a skirt that day.  Fortunately, I found these two bandanas in my van and tied them together at the waist.  The edges overlapped nicely to cover the splits in the sides since she is so petite.  Everyone thought I had made her a cute little skirt.  I was just thankful that the shirt she was wearing was a decent match.  With a few simple stitches this really would make a cute little skirt.  It served our purposes well that day, but has since gone back to just being a couple of bandanas.  


While I am talking about clothing I might as well talk a little about being frugal.  That little shirt in the picture was on clearance a couple of years back for something like $1 and being that it was good quality I bought three of them all in a size 7/8... just a like.  It is the kind of thing that I knew would eventually get used even if it was in storage a while.  Sure enough my now 9 year old wore one for a while when I first got them.  Sahara now fits in one and one day Sienna will have one of them still in new condition.  I don't usually do that, but in this case it has worked out.  

If you want to save money on clothes you want to shop clearance rakes and think ahead for the different seasons.  I can always use short sleeves.  We don't have harsh winters here in Texas, so I try not to buy a lot of long sleeves.  It is just easier to wear a light jacket.  Seasonal items are worth looking at.  I try to avoid things that say "Fourth of July" and such and buy things like this that have the color scheme, but can be worn anytime.  Always think in terms of whether you could use the item for pajamas, too.  Of course, then it really does not matter if it does say something about a holiday.  In fact, you can even get creative and add fabric or other embellishments over the parts you don't want to look at.  If you are paying a low price it really will pay off.

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