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Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting the Day Off to a Good Start: Bending My Own Rules

This post should be about my strict schedule because really that is what works best for getting the day off to a good start around here.  And then there are days like today.....

I have been up since long before dawn because I have been having some insomnia lately.  This morning every one has slept in and I needed the quiet.  And as I have sat here in the quiet a steady rain has come and gone and now I am watching out the windows as a squirrel runs about my deck and stops to nibble on some found treasure.

The past few days have been busy and I have been a bit tired.  Friday we took a little field trip to a local fire station and that night my two oldest had birthday parties to attend in two separate towns at the same time (sigh).  Saturday night was a church Youth group hayride party and the whole family attended.  Of course, Sunday morning was church and after church one of my kids had church play practice while the rest of us were upstairs for a Youth Group Worker Meeting.  Later my husband went back for a Youth drama class he is teaching and later than that he went out with some men from church.  It was a full weekend.

So, now I sit and even at 8:17 a.m. I still have four kids sleeping.  My radical 5 year old has been awake for about 10 minutes and as usual she is demanding things and complaining.  She is so not a morning person!  But nonetheless I am starting this morning out with a good start and relaxing in spite of her trying to disrupt the quiet.  It is great training for her that momma does not give in to her tantrums.  ;) 

Sometimes you just need the quiet to start a day... without rigid schedules and all the rules.  We need time to wind down... time to relax... time to ponder our thoughts... time to think straight.  So, that is how I am starting my morning. 

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