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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jumping Back In Blogland & MTHFR Testing

I don't quite no where to pick up blogging.  I want to go back and fill in some of the gaps and share some information that I have learned through the last few months.  And it needs to be shared.  There are medical issues that should be shared.  

And part of me wants to just fill you in on our critters and gardening but that seems somewhat awkward under the circumstances.  And even that topic has many crazy stories.  We have had multiple tragedies including the animals during this time.  

I guess I will tell those stories... later.

For now I want to inform my friends.  If you have had multiple miscarriages you might want to have some genetic testing done.  There is an MTHFR test.  Stop taking folic acid immediately and replace that with natural forms of folate.  If it turns out you are positive for MTHFR it can be controlled by diet, but it is very extreme.  I want to start sharing my journey here, but for now I just want to share some links:

Read a little.  Then, take a break.  I warn you it is overwhelming.  When I found out I had the gene mutation I had to sit back and let it just soak in for about three weeks.  After that I was ready to start implementing changes, so I started reading more about it.  I have begun to make some of the changes but when I feel myself getting overwhelmed I have to  take a step back and walk away for a bit.  

Also, I have added little check boxes below my posts.  Even if you don't want to comment will you take a moment to click one if those boxes? This will help me out a little.  Got questions or comments?  I would love it if you will leave a comment.  

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