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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ch-Ch-Changes... Blog Photo Update

It is amazing what how much the faces in your family change when you don't update your blog photo in THREE years.  Ha!  This is the 2011 photo and for the record I just did not realize so much time had passed:

Sierra, Sahara, Caden, Savannah, & Sienna

And this will be the new one... for 2014... 

Ummm, yeah.... that is a huge difference!  My baby is not even a baby anymore.  I remember thinking how grown up my kids were looking in that 2011 picture and well.... I could cry.  Only I won't because I am joyful that they are healthy, living, growing children and what more could a mother ask for?!  

And just so you know who is who is who in the new pictures...
Group pic is left to Right:
       Top... Sahara (5), Me (41), Caden (7), Savannah (13)
       Bottom... Sienna (3), Sierra (10)
Top Right:  
       Caden (7)
       Cody (41) with Sahara (5) photo bombing & putting a rabbit on his back
Bottom (left to right):
       Sierra (10)
       Sienna (3)
       Sahara (5)
       Savannah (13) 

Also, it may take me a while to figure out how to fix my edits... sigh... I can not remember how to make this look right... because it has been three years since I have done this stuff.  So, I need that picture larger and centered... and so, I have to wake my brain up.  ;)  Update:  I already figured it out... yippee!  Amazing!  For my own future reference (and anyone else that may need to know) I had to open my saved photo in "Paint" and changed the "resize" setting to 1600 megapixels wide and then save and upload the new photo.  I hope I remember to look here if I need to do this in the future.  Otherwise, I will probably do a whole new post for this same thing.

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