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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to Make the Calories... I Mean Donuts

Time to make the calories...

Yes, I meant to say donuts.  

They really are good but totally not my idea.  I am all about the healthy whole foods these days.  My husband... not so much.  He came how with three cans of pop-a-can biscuits and said HE was going to make donuts.  

So, while he was gone to run an errand a couple of days later I made the donuts to go along with breakfast.  Not a smart move.  Here I was making oatmeal and scrambled eggs for breakfast to go alongside donuts.  Guess what they wanted to eat?  Yep, the donuts.  So, the chickens and the cat got way more scrambled eggs and oatmeal scraps than I had intended.  The silver lining... Happy cat... And happy chickens.  

So, just in case you don't know how, and you want to know how this is the "recipe"... And I say that loosely because it is so bad (for us health weirdos). 

Small can biscuits
Oil for frying
Powdered Sugar

Preheat oil to medium heat in a deep frying pan.  Prepare your area for an assembly line type situation.  you will need a small dish of powdered sugar to coat the donuts in and something to take the donuts up on.  i used a cookie shert with cookie racks on it.  Open the can biscuits on a plate or clean surface.  Poke your finger through the center and stretch a dime size whole.  Test the oil to see if it is ready.  When it is ready drop one biscuit in.  Flip when lightly browning.  Add another biscuit to the pan.  Very soon the first one will be ready to take up.  Take it up and place it immediately into the powdered sugar and use a fork and spoon to coat it well.  This must be done as soon as you take it up so the oil will stick the sugar in.  Continue until you have made them all.  

Hope you enjoy these calories!!! 

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