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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going Raw Again! & MTHFR

Well, we are going back to raw milk.  We tried it in the past and our drive was so far for pick up.  We only had a couple of us doing the trips so we had to each go every other week.  I found it to be overwhelming.  After discovering I have the MTHFR gene this is one of the many recommended dietary changes.  Now, their are five families so the trips per person are less frequent.  

So, this is the stuff!  The lids are ugly, but this is truly a thing of beauty!!!  It is $6 a gallon which is almost twice what I pay for store milk per gallon, but I can skim the cream off for making butter.  In reality that makes the cost about the same I was spending at the grocery store... And, this is much healthier!!! 

Savannah, 13, is skimming the cream off.  

All that cream came from 4 gallons!!

This is the cream churning away that my daddy found in someone's shed that was  going to be thrown in the garbage.  I am thankful grabbed it for me.  You just plug it in and watch it whirl. We the blade stops turning it is tome to unplug it and your butter is done.  

This is me cheating a bit to strain the butter.  And yes, that butter was YELLOW.  No additives!  I was told this is what you get when your butter is from cows that are eating a natural grass fed diet.  It looked almost like scrambled eggs!

Once the butter was strained and put in a pan the final step is to take that milk that is under the strainer and strain it through a cloth and reserve the buttermilk for other uses.  

I wish I had taken pics of the finished butter.  I guess I will do that next time.  I spread it in a small baking pan to rthe thickness of sticks of store butter and place it in the freezer to firm up. Once fairly frozen I took it out of the freezer and sliced it into sticks which I placed it a gallon zipper bag.  I store this in the freezer.  I learned the hard way that this butter will go bad sooner since it does not have preservatives in it. 


  1. Welcome back to deliciousness.......lol. I recently learned to rinse it in cold water to remove as much of the milk as possible. It helps the butter not sour so quickly.

    1. Great tip. I have just been immediately putting mine in the freezer. It would be nice to have some non-frozen butter.


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