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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Temporary Chicken Housing

Under the circumstances of our move we did not have to move everything right away since we own both houses.  Since my husband drives near the other house everyday we made the decision to leave the turkeys, chickens, and dogs until we could get their housing worked out at the new place.  The only thing we brought with us was the momma cat and her six kittens because they needed constant care.  Everyday my husband would just go by the other house and tend to the animals and we were also there throughout the weekends working on getting our stuff moved out a little at a time.  

So, we have been in our new house for over two months now.  We had much work to do to settle in here.  A friend was selling her small portable chicken coop so I was able to get that for $75.  I thought this would be a great option to keep us from having build a coop.  So, the thinking is that we would build a removable chicken tractor as a chicken run but it is going to be a while before we can get that done.  Instead we decided to temporarily use the dog kennel.  We added some chicken wire and a couple of boards across the top for security.  Little by little we began to move the hens and roosters over.  Now, they are all settled in.  

And now, my ladies have rewarded me with a few eggs!  

We have much more work to do in the coming months to get everything the way we want it but this will do for now.  The next step is to get our turkeys over here. I am not sure this temporary housing will work for them, so we may have to build the new chicken run beforehand.  We will just keep figuring it out as we go.  

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