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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Burner Cooking Adventures: Breakfast for Dinner

Last night I was doing a "decide as your cooking" kind of thing for dinner.  I do this way too often.  I am not much much of a planner so I do way to many things flying by the seat of my pants.  Meal plans work amazingly well but some of us never learn... And therefore, must decide on a whim almost every night.  

So, as I was standing there in my kitchen with my one burner I grabbed a pot and put it on the stove and was about to place a pound of frozen hamburger meat in it and start "something" going.  See, there is some planning for you... FROZEN hamburger...  BUT I have mastered the art of cooking that way... LOL.  I was thinking a quick pasta soup... BUT then I opened the fridge and saw a couple of pounds of pan sausage that was in need of being used.  And... I totally changed the dinner direction. 

Plan B:  I put the pot away and grabbed an iron skillet (one if my fav things) and fired up my one burner.  Did I mention that my one burner is a gas burner?  I grew up with a gas stove but I have not had a gas stove in thirteen years.  I am loving it... even if it is only one burner.  Anyway, I made my little sausage patties and had them cooking.  Meanwhile, I ground my wheat in my electric grinder (and there is another story completely about that... Sigh!) and starting mixing up the ingredients for pancakes.  I also got another bowl out and broke up a bunch of eggs for scrambling so these things would be ready when the time came.  I set my extra large pancake griddle on the counter (and I only use this griddle for pancakes and grilled cheese).  

After all the sausage was cooked I moved my pan to one of my non-working burners (because I have plenty of those... Ha!) and got out another iron skillet (I have a lovely assortment) for my scrambled eggs.  I oiled it and started on cooking the pancakes.  About halfway through cooking the pancakes I cooked the scrambled the eggs on my one burner.  Shortly after, breakfast for dinner was DONE!  

My husband walked around the corner and said...
"You are really mastering this one burner cooking thing!"


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