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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Making It Our Own: My Bargain Address Marker

We were doing a little rummage sale searching in hopes of finding a secondhand VCR.  We did not find that VCR that day but we did find some other goodies.  I will have to post pictures of the doors we acquired on another post (major bargain... $10 each), but for now I want to show you my address marker we got for the driveway.  I really should try to remember to take before pics, but imagine the stake slightly bent and the paint faded and rusty.  This cost me $3 (no tax) and we spruced it up a bit with less than a dollars worth of spray paint.  I beat it straight with a hammer, did a bit more paint touch up, and stuck it in the ground.  

We found the reflective house number out in our pasture when we were bush hogging. Who would have ever guessed it was laying out in the pasture.  It has a little damage and required a little bit of straightening from past hits with mower blades.  It's not perfect but it's perfect for the country life!  God blesses me in little ways only I know about.  You see, I wanted one of these.  I did not want to buy one, though.., or, at least, not right now after so many moving expenses. I am guessing that they were provided by the county as 911 address markers since almost every house around here has one.  Anyway, I wanted one... for the ease of others locating the house... for clarification for the number on our mailbox... and, for safety reasons for the 911 address.  I am always trying to be a good steward of the finances God provides even in the little things.  I try to make wise financial choices and often times have to skip out on things I "want". Amazingly, God seems to reward me more often than I could ever tell you.  This marker was FREE!!! Do you know how exciting that is?!  And, this marker holder was ONLY $3 !!! God loves me and He knows the desires of my heart.  Now, that does not mean I always get what I want.  I assure you I don't but I know when I don't it is for my own good. He does bless me in many little ways I could never count, though.  

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