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Friday, November 7, 2014

One Burner Cooking Adventures: No Plan and Adding Salad

I wish I could say that we were all settled into place and we had everything figured out since moving to our current home.  The facts are... It just ain't so!  We are just doing what we can... as we can.  

One thing I did when preparing to move in here was to clean the stovetop... really well... Ummmm... too well possibly.  I sprayed bleach on the knobs and I think it corroded them.  So, we managed to get one burner working.  It may seem odd but I am THANKFUL for that ONE burner.  Before we got it working I was cooking on a two burner portable electric  hot plate... for two and half months. You may be thinking that two burners are better than one... but no.  Just no.  The burners on the hot plate are raise electric burners and they are small.  For cooking with large pots like we use the burners are very flimsy.  Not to mention that even though there are two burners I could really only use one because it pulls so much electricity that it would constantly throw a breaker while I was trying to cook.  I say good riddance to that thing!  Hallelujah.  

So, I have had quite the challenge trying to find meals to prepare.  I have the one burner, a microwave, and an oven that cooks at a high heat (it is always something!). I also have a griddle I use for pancakes or grilled cheese... and a waffle maker.  

Today I had company for lunch and I needed to feed them but I was not prepared.  It seemed everything I thought to make was missing some main ingredient.  Ya know... because it is not complicated enough to have only have one burner.  I had to really think hard... Really hard!  This is what I came up with:

On the ONE burner -- I put a bag of frozen cauliflower and a bag of frozen broccoli which I seasoned with salt, light olive oil, and real butter and cooked.  

In the oven -- I diced up some chicken breast into chunks and seasoned those with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika.  I then, poured on some seasoned bread crumbs and tossed it around until the chicken chunks were well coated and baked those.  I also warmed a pumpkin Danish pastry that I bought already prepared.  

Microwave -- it was used to heat up some leftover pizza bread from last night.  

Uncooked items -- I made a salad!  

It was nothing glamorous but it was a complete meal.  

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