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Friday, November 21, 2014

Operation Hide The Scissors Was a Total Fail

As a mother sometimes we want to make everything happen right.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try we can not save the day, though.  I have a story to tell of an adventurous three year old and a pair of scissors.  Now, the first reaction of many is, "It is just hair and it will grow back" or "This should make you thankful that she is not dying of cancer".  These are not the responses I care to hear at the moment.  With that said, here's the story:

As I was sitting with Sienna one day about a week ago she was happily cutting on some paper with her scissors. When I looked up she had given herself a new set of bangs.  My eyes almost popped out of my head as I snapped, "What have you done!?"  She and her little scissors took off running... But in this small house I caught up with her quickly in the next room.  She was proud of herself... And, really she did not do too bad giving herself bangs.  I was not happy but this would be fixable.  

I headed off to town while the hubby watched the kids.  Bad move!  I am so very thankful that I did not get the message that Savannah (13) tried to send me to let me know that Sienna had cut her hair, again.  I seriously would have wrecked the car or hyperventilated in public... And, that is not something I want others to see.  

I had no idea what to do with that version of her hairdo.  I was trying to let some time pass while I figured it out.  A couple of days later I was in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast and Sahara said, "Momma, I can't find Sienna!"  Those two are like white on rice so we quickly searched for her.  The kids were leading the way with me following and as they turned the corner into the master bathroom they all gasped.  They were gasping at the hair ALL over the floor.  Sienna was hiding behind a closet curtain.  I completely lost it.  

That tiny little braid is the remaing amount of long hair she has.  The rest is a really bad boy cut so, paired with her haphazard lock of hair trailing down her back she now has an 80s style mullet.  I cried uncontrollably in the bathroom for 20 minutes.  That was a few weeks ago now.  I am dealing with it.  I  learning to work the mullet into the best hairdos I can.  I evened some of the bad spots out and some spits are just too bad to even out.  I have e perimented with various headbands that are wide enough to hide alot but they end up making her have really messy looking fair when she plays hard... and, she ALWAYS plays hard.  I have found that a simple small headband does the best.  

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