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Friday, January 16, 2015

One Burning Cooking Adventures: It Must End

While my "one burner cooking adventures" were a good learning experience all "good things" (insert sarcasm) MUST come to an end.  Honestly, I wanted to hold out until our other house sells but I just could not take it any longer.  Don't get me wrong... there are way worse things to go through in life and I have been through a few, but I was starting to get depressed by the whole situation.  Every meal had to be cooked differently and in stages... or eliminated completely.  I went five months without cooking spaghetti separately from the sauce.  It was time.

Still, I did not run out and buy an expensive stove.  I have some plans for this little kitchen that could very well include major changes.  I shopped around and a "cooktop" in the size we needed varied in price from $450 - $1,000+.  I just did not want to spend that.  Seriously, I don't even really like to cook!  I don't enjoy spending money on a stove.  

I truly stressed about this.  I was afraid to order this cooktop and not be certain it would fit properly or hook up properly since this stove is made for installation in other countries.  The savings was amazing, though!  I decided to take the risk.  I made my first ever appliance purchase through eBay!  Kind of scary!  I mean, who has ever heard of WindMax anyway?!!  Yikes!  But, here's the deal... yes, "the deal"... That SIX burner stove was $245 and that included insured shipping!!!!!!!  I was really sold on the glass top since I know it will be easier to maintain than an enamel top.  Most of the lower end stoves sold locally are enamel.  I am not wild about the stainless but I am liking it.  This is not a top of the line stove, but I did not pay a top of the line price so I am pretty happy about that.  It is well made, though.  There are a few negatives I would give it in a product review.  
     1.  The burners light weird and it does not come with instructions that tell about that.  That information can be found online, though.  
     2.  The front middle burner is too close to the knobs really.
     3.  It is obvious that the print in the stainless is going to wear off.  That won't affect the use of the stove, though.  

Overall, I think it was a great choice for my needs.  And, the best part....

I cooked with more than ONE burner!!!!  That means we had pasta that was cooked separately!!! Oh, how I have missed such a simple thing!  In all honesty I struggled with trying to cook because my mind is still in "one burner mode".  I still only used two burners!  Ha!  The mixed veggies were leftover from the night before, so I just heated them in the microwave.  The bread was store bought and I heated it in the oven.  I cooked the pasta on one burner and the chicken and sauce together on another burner.  Pardon the disposable styrofoam plate.  We had to remove the dishwasher due to it leaking.... Sigh... Hmmmm... I wonder if I can find a bargain dishwasher on eBay... 


  1. Cooking on one burner would be so difficult to manage! I'm glad you were able to find something at a good price. That will make your job much easier :)


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