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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sierra & Lyme's Disease: Part 3

The last update I have was a good report.  We got an "all clear" on Sierra's retest for Lyme's Disease after her two week run of antibiotics.  Everything was great until two weeks later and her chin rash appeared one evening.  This could only mean one or two things... She is not cured of Lyme's Disease or we are not dealing with Lyme's Disease.  

I have been in contact with a pediatric nurse that is a friend of our family.  We have had some lengthy discussions and both done some researching.  For now we are dealing with a "mystery illness" but we both came up with information pointing towards the possibility of lupus.  That is not a diagnosis at this point and I immediately took Sierra in to see the local doctor we are using.  She immediately admitted this was more than she could help us with and ordered a referral to a major medical group out of our area.  

I have had a more reassuring discussion with a friend that has been through Lyme's treatment and was cured but had to go through a much longer round of antibiotics.  I very much hope this is the case for Sierra.  

Either way, I am anxious to get her appointment.  Flooding near our local area seems to have delayed care.  My home phone got struck by lightning during one of the storms and I may have missed a call regarding an appointment.  Spring Break also happened for our local area I am planning to make phone calls on Monday morning to check the appointment status.  So ready for answers.  

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