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Monday, March 28, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama & Me: Refocus

There is a reason why I am on a health plan.  I have bad habits and make poor choices.  I have done so well on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, so you would think I would know it works and just do it.  Nope.... although I have stuck with it I have gotten very laxed after losing my first major goal of 30 pounds lost.  I actually lost another 5+ but I got too comfortable and we did some traveling.  During that travel time I made some really poor choices.  I let myself keep having cheats here and there and they finally caught up with me,  Try as I may I just could not get my focus back but last week I made a recommitment to making better choices and stopping the excuses.  I also am not going to be weighing for awhile.  I have discovered that I use that scale the wrong way.  If I don't lose weight, I tell myself it is impossible even though I know better.  And, if I do lose weight, I tell myself that I that the cheats won't hurt.  Of course, I know that is wrong, too. 

I have been back on track for one week now.  I can't tell my scale progress since I am not weighing but I am focusing on my commitment level right now.  I will call my week a success even though it was not perfect.  I had a couple of "moments" but I quickly reminded myself to focus on my goals. 

One thing that really helps is to have some quick meal options available.  One of my favorite things is a little
Fast Food Sue meal.  This is simply slices of Hormel Naturals ham with cheese sprinkled on it and heated in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds (1:30).  Pair this with some strawberries and this is a great breakfast or small lunch.  Adding avocado onto the ham makes it even better.  I eat these as a finger food like little tacos. 

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