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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Passage of Time, AGAIN !~!~!

In February I blogged about "The Passage of Time" and how there seem to be so many milestones at this point in my life. I am sleep-deprived and delirious at 2:00 AM this morning and I have had a crazy week, but for some reason I can't make myself go to bed and sleep. What on earth could be wrong with me?! And then it occurs to me.... I think it is finally really sinking in for me that my daddy had a heart attack this past Monday. He is doing well and is back home already. I think it just happened so fast that it did not have time to all register! When I wrote about "The Passage of Time" I mentioned that my daddy was turning 60 along with many other milestones going on in my life. What I left out is the really "personal" part. I did not mention that my mother-in-law was having testing done for some intestinal issues, my father-in-law was going through surgery on his neck for possible cancer, or that my dad thought he was having heart issues, again. Nine years ago he had five bypasses done on his heart. Well, this time they did a stress test any nothing showed to be abnormal, so they would not do anything else. A month later I get a call that my daddy has been admitted to the hospital for issues related to his heart. I drive down to the hospital the next day to be there for the testing and they tell us that it is ablockage, about 15 minutes later they proceed to tell us that they will put in a stint in, another 15 minutes and he is out and we are visiting with him. We are told that he had a small heart attack and had he waited the blood clot that was causing the blockage would have caused a massive heart attack and he would have died. We are focused on that he lived... that he "dodged another bullet".... that he is here and although we realized the seriousness of it, it is only now that I realized it has not really sunk in for me. I am thankful and I feel blessed. And I am gaining some peace, because after a lifetime of begging my daddy and momma have recently started going to church. I know that God is gracious!

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