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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Someone Is Always Pregnant

Someone is always pregnant in this house! They love to pretend they are pregnant... and for some unknown reason they like to be pregnant with multiples... and I do mean multiples! They have stuffed up to sixteen baby dolls in their "bellies"! In all seriousnees I love that they find pregnancy to be such a joy and I pray they will enjoy it as much when they are adults.

On that note.... I feel inclined to remind you all to pray now for your child's mate. I have done that some from the beginning with all my children even when they were still in the womb. It is so important that we raise our children to be patient and wait on the Lord for the ONE that God has designed for them. I have prayed that God will create someone that is perfect for each of my children. This is a great time of reflection for me as I write and a reminder to myself that I need to do this more. I will pray that God is creating or has created that person and that God will make them harmonious as a team. I will pray that God will protect that mate guide them in their life's decisions. I will pray for that child's salvations and that the will grow up to be Godly Christians. I encourage you to do the same for your children!

Also, if you take note you will see a gorgeous little curly headed hunk of a cutie pie in the above picture sporting a diaper. Caden is almost 2 1/2 years old and is NOT potty trained. No big deal to most people. I do realize this, but my girls were both potty trained by two. This hunk-a-chunk is afraid to put his business in the potty. He will tee-tee, although he simply does not have a preference to where -- toilet or diaper.... or wherever else he can spray! Poo is another issue! He will put it in the diaper, on the ground (yes, outside... eeek), on the floor, even on the pillows on my bed once...yuk... but not on a toilet! One time about six months ago, he did a little on the potty. The look of fear that came across his face was extreme. He held in the rest and has refused to do it ever again. So, MY PLEA TO ALL THAT READ THIS POST IS how do you handle a child being afraid to Poo in the potty/toilet? Leave me your wisdom in the form of a comment, PLEASE!!! When I read this back, I think ...well, just let him go where HE WILL... The only possible option that I MIGHT allow would be outside, but I hardly think he is going to grow up normal, if he Poos outside! LOL! Of course, that might eliminate the above issue of having to pray for his perfect mate! LOL! Really though, if you have had a problem with this and can share some insight I would be forever grateful. My husband is a teacher, so this summer we will both be home to "Git it done" potty training this little guy!

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  1. That is one big belly!! Cute!!!!! Potty training little boys...AAHHHHH!!!! Just kidding! I get from this, that he is your first little boy. You have to know this, buys develop slower than little girls. My first boys was potty trainer 1 week before he turned 4. My pediatrician sayed boys pottry train between 3-5 years. What we did was take the little boy and keep him in sweat pant without out a diaper. then we would go potty every 15 minutes and sit for a bit. Try to make it fun. give him a skittle or m&m if he goes potty. Use a sticker chart. hope this helps. PS, we have a little boy who will be 3 next month and he is still not potty trained. you are doing a great job!!!

    also, we pray for our childrens' mates as well. I have a bunch of great scriptures. email me if you want me to send them to you:


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