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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out this post by Large Family Mothering. It is called "Why I Love Homeschooling". I confess I am not to the point that I can say I "love" homeschooling. I am hoping to start loving it soon, though. :) Homeschooling comes with a lot of responsibility that our culture has taught us to quickly pass off to others. Taking back that responsibility is no easy feat.

I can say I love having my kids with me. I love being with them. I do not love feeling ill equipped and I wonder why our fore fathers/mothers ever allowed the world to change the way it has. Why did they not continue passing on family values and a knowledge of how to do things!? It baffles me! I want to pass on all the knowledge I can to my children... I am talking about family values and Godly wisdom, not worldly knowledge. I want them to be able to do simple things like make bread or sew a baby blanket. Yes, I said "simple". A couple of years ago I thought rolls were hard to make. Seriously, if you can read the box to make Hamburger Helper you can make rolls. The world and advertising have convinced us that everything is too hard.

And this really does tie in with homeschooling. You see I thought it was also too hard to do, because I have been programmed that way. The very system that "educates" us will turn around and tell us we are not "educated enough" to teach our own children. I find the irony in that a bit comical. ;) And they are right in some aspects. I have to say the first thing I had to do when we began homeschooling is teach my kids what to do when they are around each other most of the day now. They are still adjusting. LOL! I remember feeling lost when my first daughter went away to school. I wanted to have her near me all the time and never miss a moment. Sadly, it became easier to drop them off. So, now I find myself stumbling through how to teach my kids and make it fun. School was not fun growing up and we have to break away from that example that has been set for those of us that have been through public school. I read something recently that said, "I survived public school and that is why I homeschool my kids".


  1. I found you from a comment you left on the Large Family Mothering blog to this subject. :)

    You will have moments of "love homeschooling" and you will have moments of "am I doing this right" "are we good?" and so on. :)

    I love homeschooling - I've been doing this for so many years now that I have to stop and count and try to remember how long
    I look forward to reading your posts on this subject and what you will be doing with your schooling

  2. Hi shannon. great post!!!! keep up the good work. your are doing a great job with your little ones!!! I posted an award for you on my blog



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