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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gifts From God

I saw it yesterday.
I felt it today.
It is so exciting,
Yet, it breaks my heart.

My tiny baby will not be tiny long.
First, it was her first curls.
Then, she sat alone.
Now it is her tiny tooth.

I'll blink and she'll be crawling,
walking, pulling up,
chattering sweet baby talk...
Then, running while I try to catch up.

The time is flying by
It is exciting and heartbreaking.
So many firsts and I want to freeze time.
If I did just think of all I would miss.

Yes, it is an amazing blessing
to hold a little piece of Heaven.
To touch a living baby
and know you have a GIFT from God.
--Ponderings of Sahara at 9mo 8dy... Love, Momma


  1. AWWWW! I guess this means that she got her first tooth? Could explain her changes in mood lately? huh? Growing up!!! GEEZE LEWEEZE!!!;o)


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