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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keeping It Real -- 05-07-2009

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  1. I just wanted that you are WAY different than your mom. You are VERY attentive to your family's needs. So, you have accomplished what you set in your heart to do. I know what a challenge it is to work so hard to improve on your raising...I have great parents! They are still flawed humans like the rest of us...I knew that I was going to have issues with certain terms...such as, "I am gonna' run away...." (my mom said this DAILY! Made me VERY INSECURE!!! I wil NEVER say that to mine. That is just ONE example of what I purposed in my heart to change with my family. You are doing a GREAT job! You are a GREAT mother...it isn't easy...I know that first hand. Jesus never said it would be an easy road to travel, he only said you would never be alone...Life is hard...God is good!!!Thank GOD we are not alone, even though we may feel that way sometimes. ;o) I know this isn't exactly about your post on dinner choices....but the underlying issue...I gguess I could do a KIR on my issues!?!?! lol!

  2. Sorry...typo..Wanted TO SAY...connection problems again!


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