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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rebellion -- Keeping It Real

I bet Quinn did not know when she left this comment for me on my cooking post that she would inspire a post. :) And here I was thinking I did not know what to post for KIR.

"I was just thinking about you mentioning you were doing this last night. Like I said, I'm terrible at thinking ahead to what's for supper, let alone freezer meals. (This coming from a girl who's father daily swallowed his last bite of breakfast and said "What does everyone want for supper." Maybe I'm subconsciously rebelling ;0 ) ..." (Quinn's comment... and notice she is smiling and winking, so she is being humorous.)

I am a terrible pre-planner when it comes to meals. My mother was like Quinn's father, so maybe I am in rebellion, also. :) I think my mother's entire existance revolved around dinner! I think everything I ever asked my mother if we could do together would end in, "I HAVE TO cook dinner." Now, if you knew my mother you would know that she can come up with an excuse for anything.... but, that is another story and this post is about me. And really as I joke about it being rebellion I know that my issues really are a result of rebellion... no kidding!! I knew from a very early age that when I grew up I wanted it to be different for my family. I wanted it to be okay if we went for a visit instead of being constrained by meal planning and cooking all day. If we have to eat sandwiches for dinner so I can take my kids somewhere fun, then that is worth it to me.

I really did have an "Aha" moment when I began to reply to Quinn's comment. I found myself realizing that what she had typed in jest was reality for me! The issues that trouble me regarding meal planning are really a result of trying to be so different from the example that was set for me. I am not saying that it is wrong to be efficient in meal planning and such, but if it gets in the way of your quality of life then it becomes a problem that needs to be resolved.

So, with all that being said I now know what a big portion of my problem is! I can even admit it! My OWN rebellion. Seems silly, but I think this is going to be BIG for me. I have been working hard to fix the meal planning problem and have been seeing improvement, but knowing what is at the root of the problem will be a great help. We humans are emotional beings and I know that I have let my rebellious emotions get in the way of being efficient in this area of my life. So, now I need to find a middle ground. In my mind I can not spend a full weekend day cooking, because that is a day that could be reserved for family time. So, here's the thing that I could handle ... getting the kids in there to work with me or making double meal portions during my regular cooking time. I have been on the right track, but this will make me realize that it does not have to be one extreme or the other. I will need to find that middle ground! And, yes, I will pray for forgiveness for my rebellious spirit. ;)
Please join us in Keeping It Real.
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  1. Well Shannon, if you are "rebelling" so that you can spend extra time with your family, then that is a good thing! I personally won't mind (I hope) if my children "rebel" against the things that we've done as parents and do it a different way if it brings them closer to the Almighty! -or their family.

    The thing too that I realized when I was feeling guilty one day for not cooking a vegetable for my children and was instead quickly chucking them a couple of raw carrots is that I don't need to cook everything they eat . In fact the less heating of their food that I do, the healthier it is because cooking depletes the nutritional content.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I was in jest or if it was a confession! (smiling again) At least I'm not like my mom, who literally hates to eat (small portions, no variety-same breakfast daily, 7 meals, one for each night, leftovers for lunch, one dessert that she'll get into a rut with for years) because of the way that her step-father and my dad act about food.

    Thank you very much for sharing and KIR!


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