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Monday, May 4, 2009

Cooking Ahead Series -- Round Two Follow-Up

I almost forgot..... about that turkey. I am not sure anyone really cares what we ate, but bear with me. This seems really trivial at the moment, but I DID SAY I would let you know what I did with all that Turkey Breast. I seperated it into 7-8 meals. It was eight total, but we shared w friends so that made seven. Awesome! I really might start buying it this way (bulk) and splitting it up. I will have to check availibility and cost compare.
  • Broiled Turkey Chunks, don't remember... veggies, homemade braided bread
  • Turkey Tenders w Cream Gravy, Rice Dish, Steamed Brocolli
  • Diced Chicken in Marinara over Pasta w Salad (2 portions... Shared w friends)
  • Pre-made Breaded Turkey Parmesan an individually froze for quick-fix meal for future
  • Pre-packed 2 meal packs for future meals

*Note-- I do not recommend thawing and refreezing meat in most cases, but this was such a large portion of meat and I was VERY careful to keep it cold or even partially frozen as I worked with it.


  1. sounds yummy
    I will be doing my big cooking day on friday. I will post those recipes for you then.

  2. I was just thinking about you mentioning you were doing this last night. Like I said, I'm terrible at thinking ahead to what's for supper, let alone freezer meals. (This coming from a girl who's father daily swallowed his last bite of breakfast and said "What does everyone want for supper." Maybe I'm subconsciously rebelling ;0 )

    Anyway, last week I was crockpoting a roast chicken (in my new crockpot which I love because it caters to my lack of planning. They must be making them cook at higher temps than the dinosaur that I previously owned because I can throw in a frozen chicken at 9 and have it done by 6!) and I threw in a few extra breasts- really thinking ahead now. I froze the leftover chicken and last night I made a chicken pot pie with the leftovers making a double recipe and freezing the extra filling.

    Needless to say I was pumped! I was able to think ahead enough to turn one meal into four (plus lunch leftovers.) Yea for me!


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