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Monday, June 15, 2009

Handwriting Practice & Sierra

I have been meaning to share this for awhile. I am not sure it will be of great interest. The following photos are taken of partial pages in Alpha Omega's Horizons PreSchool workbooks. I am not sharing this to "review" this curriculum or it's workbooks, but overall I do not like the program well enough to use in the future. The reason I am showing these pages is to point out what I like regarding teaching writing skills on these pages. I like the three options given on one page for letter tracing. Some of this may be able to be done in a simple wordprocessor program, such as, Word or Works. For example, in Works you type your text and highlight it and choose Format: Font: Outline. This will give the hollow looking font.

I think it is important to give children different ways to trace letters. Some children just do better with a certain methods. At first my five year old, Sierra, tried to color in the hollow looking version instead of tracing the letters. The dotted lines worked better for her at first. After some coaching she does well with all the methods... uhmmm, well enough. She is not a perfectionist! She is quite the "wild" handwriter... and you should see her with scissors! :) Chop-Chop!

Look at this cutey!

An answer to prayer after my first miscarriage....

This time almost exactly six years ago I was sitting in the hospital waiting room awaiting the birth of my nephew and I realized that I was pregnant after seven months of longing to be! I was happy to be getting a nephew, but it was a difficult moment to be sitting in the waiting room awaiting his birth and knowing that the baby I had miscarried would have only been a few weeks away from being born. Suddenly, while sitting there it occurred to me that I was pregnant!!! I did not even need a test, although I did take one later. I knew.... I just knew it! When I realized it I looked at my husband and mouth the words, "I am pregnant!" He must have thought I was nuts, but I just knew it. Gods timing is PERFECT! In my darkest moment he gave me a wonderful gift. "He turned the water into wine!" Yes, I would have made it through that day... and with joy over the birth of my nephew, but God took a bittersweet moment for me and made it pure joy!

Sierra.... doesn't she just look like she has spunk! I bought this cute little depression style hat for Caden thinking how cute he would be in it... and he does look cute in it. Sierra has laid claim to it, though. And I have to say it looks very cute on her, too.



Sierra !

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  1. Wow - that g page has a lot of g's! That would completely overwhelm my little one. I might pick one line and have her complete that instead of the whole page. I used Zaner Bloser when I taught in public school. I liked it! http://www.zaner-bloser.com/educator/products/handwriting/index.aspx?id=6100


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