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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pondering A Homeschool Questions

I was just thinking tonight about the ever popular question we hear as homeschoolers:
"How are your kids going to learn how to handle life in the real world, if they are homeschooled?"

I was just thinking how funny it might be to say, "Have you figured out how to handle life in the real world, yet?"

I mean, Seriously most of us don't really know much beyond our small community do we? I know kids that are living in the real world (public school) that have never been outside the town they live in, have never touched the sand at the beach less than two hours away, never seen a skyscraper in neighboring Houston, never been in a mall, never hiked a mountain or camped out, never been in a museum, never been to a theme park/fair, never touched a farm animal, never kissed a frog, never gone to a nice restaraunt or stayed in a hotel, never thrift store shopped, never made snow angels, etc.. Should I go on? And how many of those kids even have a real conversation with their parents everyday. I know, because Savannah was in public school and we were not around each other much. She talks a lot, but she is one of those kids that when asked, "What did you do at school today?" she would say, "Oh, nothing." What about church and God? I know we were skipping Wednesday night church to get the homework done. Is that what we should be doing? Of course, not. Now, even if we do skip church service we are together and we have time to talk about God and beliefs... and read Bible stories... and pray more together. Aren't we preparing them more for the real world? I think so!

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  1. Preach on!!! I have often wondered things like this. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    God is so Good!


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