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Thursday, July 2, 2009

ONE Simple Summer Project

We have been really busy and trying hard to really get a good routine with homeschooling... Ahem, we are failing miserably, but maybe by mid-August we will get it figured out. I have one that does not like to cooperate, so a five minute assignement stretched easily to 30 minutes and on days like today it is even worse... Seriously, a 15 minute writing assignment turned into 55 minutes of complaining and whining and then, when I finally told her that homeschool momma's can make their kids repeat a grade level and order the same book for next year she promptly did her writing assignment in 5 minutes!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! Anyway, that is all the complaining I will do tonight on here... Moving on! As I was saying we have been busy and I have tons of pics and topics I could blog about, but I am going to stick with ONE Simple Summer Project that we did last week. Nothing grand..... just simple fun!
Permanent Markers (i.e. Sharpies)
Roll of Aluminum Foil
Clear Tape
Scraps of Cardboard or Heavy Paper
Hole Punch & String (optional, if you wish to hang it)
This probably does not require instructions, but cut your cardboard the size you want. Wrap in foil being careful not to wrinkle it up. Tape the foil to secure it in place. If your kids are young, you may want to draw them some designs to color in. That was the route we took. I asked what they wanted on it and drew VERY ABSTRACT images with the Sharpies plus added my cheezy little saying on it. After that I gave it to them to color and add any more details they wanted.
My kids had a great time with this. I know it is simple, but sometimes simple is best. They loved how shiney it was. Another spin on this could be to make different shapes and string them together like a mobile and hang out in the yard for and watch them sparkle in the sun. I have been following a tip that David Hazell* passed on at the homeschool conference... It is better to do a simpler version of a project than not to do the project at all. I totally agree! He used an example of making a sundial. If you can't manage to make the sundial, then rather than skip the sundial project altogether just simply stick a stick in the ground and observe the shadow throughout the day. It is still teaching the concept and you did not drive yourself crazy and stress out to do it! ;) Did I mention I REALLY like him. (*My Father's World @ www.mfwbooks.com)

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  1. Thanks for your very insightful comment on my blog post about connection. I think you are absolutely right. I think a part of me was really afraid to believe that this had really happened for me, that it wasn't going to just disappear. But I finally let go and let my heart believe.


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