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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Luvs A Bargain!

Pardon the grammar! Funny how things work out... After that post yesterday about Luvs diapers I realized that Caden needed some sleeptime diapers. I was out running around and went to Target today and they had a sale on Luvs! When you buy two boxes of Luvs diapers you get a $5 gift card, so I went ahead and picked up another box for Sahara as well. We are stocked up on diapers through the New Year! ... and I already went back and spent the gift card! LOL! We were on our way to a theater production this morning when we got our Luvs bargain, so we had to leave in a rush and did not get to "really" shop. I went back and got some things we needed... and wanted.

Another note is that in there little bargain section up front we were able to get some "copycat" version of some Melissa & Doug type puzzles. Of course, they are note great quality, but worth the $2.50 I paid for them. I got three little boxed wooden puzzles where you "dress the bear" with the puzzle pieces. Also, they had a cute little puzzle with zoo animals where each animal is three piecesand you "build" him (head, body, feet). Great pre-k matching game and great fun to create creatures just for fun for the older ones. When I get them out of the car I will try to get a picture posted.

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