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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung !

Last week we had busted pipes from the freezing temperatures and this week it feels like Spring!! I have had the doors open two days in a row during some outdoor playtime!! It has been in the 70s. Ironically, I thought I wanted some cold weather, but... no... I don't really anymore. I have had my fill. I am over wanting to live in the mountains and all that. I'll just enjoy vacationing in the colder regions. And usually, we still have our Christmas decorations out, but we actually put them away the first week of January this year and that did not even seem sad to me. I'm ready for Spring! And yes, it is early, but this is Texas and I am used to warmth! Give me 100 degree temps over those miserable 20s (and below) anytime!

Seriously, it is time hear to start preparing for Spring. We always get more cold weather, but by next month people will be planting their gardens here. I usually wait until mid-April myself, but I don't do much. I have been thinking about starting some plants indoors from seed this year. I usually just do it straight in the ground after fear of a frost is gone. The Wal-Mart here is already getting the Spring plants in. Yeah, the South is crazy... I'll love the South! I would trade the horrid humidity for some dry air, though... but the humidity does help our faces stay moist and youthful. I need that these days! Gotta love the the South!

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  1. I agree with you the south is interesting to say the least...with weather and all. I feel for you when you said you had pipes burst this winter. We had the water hose pipe burst just last week. My husband came home from work to fix it and thankfully got it done, but it sure put me behind on all the laundry, cleaning, etc. that day.


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