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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have You Ever Burned A Pot? (Solution)

Of course, you have NOT! ;0 You never burn anything do you? Let's say you have a habit of burning ... hmmm... green beans.... well, charring them much like the pot in the picture below. And no, that is not my pot, but let's just say there MAY have been some posts burned like this in my house before with say... green beans... for some reason I don't turn the burner down from high after I get them boiling and this has been the result even with me standing there tending to my other dishes on the stove. And maybe it is all the voices around me that distract me...
At any rate... someone told me a tirck to burned pots several years ago. You just pour some of this...
...in the pot and leave it sit. I spray mine on, if it is all up the sides like the pot pictured. I clean the rest of the kitchen and dishes and leave the pot overnight in the sink... Lights out! In the morning the bleach should have eaten all the black charring away. It's like magic! And if you are going to burn your pots up you might as well use the moment as a great chance to show your kids a little "science"! ;)

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