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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Income Tax Time

Let me just say this... Income Tax makes NO SENSE!!! I mean, I love getting money back and I am quite happy to get these annual "bonuses", but this stuff is C~R~A~Z~Y! I remember when we did not have children and people we knew always got big money back, while we were happy if we got $100 back... or if we, at least, did not have to pay in. Last year we got a significant tax return last year, so we made some changes to our W-4 form, so we would get our money up front month to month. It worked out well this past year and even covered the cost of my health insurance premiums. It was pretty good year for us financially for a single income family with four kiddos and homeschooling costs (books, supplies, conference expenses). I have been feeling like we accomplished the goal... we made it through without incurring further debt with more expenses this year and less money than most people live off of. I decided in my little mind that our income tax return would be low and really that was the goal. I mean, so that we had more of that money throughout the year to live on and less accumulating interest for the government. If someone is going to make interest off it, I would like it to be me. ;) Guess what?! I did my taxes (TurboTax) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we are getting more back this year than last year. That was fabulous and my husband did not even believe I was telling the truth... shame on him. ;) BUUUUUTTTTTT.... it is nuts! It makes no sense. We are getting back way more than we even paid in for the year because we have four kiddos. Seriously, did these laws really get VOTED IN? It is no wonder our country is in financial ruin because they do not understand the basic principles of math. You know 1 + 1 = 2... U. S. Government version is 1 + 1 = 10. LOL!

I have a theory.... it goes something like this and it is sooooooo simple. If you make money you get taxed a set percent across the U.S.. Everyone pays in the same and at the end of the year they divide up the overrage and return it or spend it on a voted on worthy cause. The other part of the theory is for the U.S. not to spend money BEFORE they have it. It is soooo simple. And yes, I know it will NEVER happen. Still my theory, though. ;)

TIP OF THE DAY: The Number One rule to get out of debt is:

Only spend money you have!!

If you don't have it, don't spend it!

And yes, that means loans and financing things...

it is simple.. if you don't have it, don't spend it!


  1. So simple and yet so hard to do!!!
    We live by the same rules, and when I hear someone complain about not getting to go out to eat or do something I do, I think gee, why don't you get rid of the 102 gadgets you "have" to have and then you can do those things. I do not own any small devices (ie. lap tops, fancy ipods, even scrapbooking stuff, which I would like to own)and my kids do not either,(ie. WII, DS, cell phones, none of that stuff) It's all about what you want out of life. If you want those things don't complain about not having money!!!! Sorry for the ongoing ranting!

  2. you getting back income tax is actually the best thing we got our of Bush (huge child tax credits!) and Obama (for whatever that is worth). people getting back more at tax season isnt jsut because of different tax laws... it is from tax breaks. This is what we want the goverment to do. So this is a good thing. This is how the free market works and this is how we get out of this recession (among of course alot of other steps like less speding)!!! Yeah for tax breaks!

    So goverment needs to give MORE tax breaks and spend less. Not take more of our money :) That is what the conservatives and Tea Party are fighting for.


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