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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letting the FUN Happen

Sometimes it is so hard to just let life be lived. Sometimes we just have to let the fun happen. Some of the most burden relieving advice I get it is when a homeschool mother says not to worry about teaching your kids a thing for now. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful neighbor who has five children (four of them or grown and gone on) and she tells me all the time that you really do not have to teach your kids until around nine or older. Just let them play and read to them and play games with them and enjoy them. Her four older grown and gone children are successful. I am not sure all of what they do, but one just got his law degree a year ago. So, they are not lacking in their education.

Another friend has advised me to "do the opposite of what you think you should do".

Today I was visiting with a friend that has five children with her oldest being fourteen and she said that you really do not need to teach them grammar until they are older. We discussed that earlier in the year my husband (the public school English teacher) comment on my 3rd graders Grammar work being the same as what he uses for his 7th grade students. So, they spend four years repeating the same thing. Now, I do realize repetition drills it in the heads, but I have a feeling that they teach it for four plus years is more about the fact they are not given one on one teaching. My 3rd grader gets it and it is not that she is a genius. Anyway, today my friend was saying that really she thinks it is not necessary to teach Grammar/English until probably 7th grade.

And I hear that there is a book called "Better Late Than Early", although I have never read it. I hear that it is wonderful. Maybe one day I will read it. Maybe you will have the time to do it sooner than I and you can learn from it.

I am so struck by how intelligent these children are! Do we really need to rush them.

The lady I was talking to today said that the best thing you can do is focus on character while they are young. Amazing to talk to her about this because that has been what has been on my heart this past week. All the academics in the world is going to be worthless if they have poor character. A very wise comment she made was that it is much harder to shape their character when they are older and it is just so important to do that part while they are young. Another thing that she was talking about was teaching your children to serve their daddy and to make him feel special when he is home.

We let the fun happen today..... after their playtime with friends I usually try to do their school with them before Daddy gets home... and some while he is there sometimes. Today I let them play while I rocked the baby and did a few things. When their daddy got home they played together. Wii have a Wii, you see ;) ... but my kids rarely get to play it. It was a gift from grandparents and they probably get to play it less than once per month. I know... no fun.... so, today they played the Wii with Daddy while I watched them from the kitchen doing my cooking and laundry. It was nice to just let them play today... and to see their daddy come home and just get to play with them without the stress of "what to do next".

I have a hard time with this... feeling like I am not giving them what they need... like I am not preparing them for life... yet, I know it is better to prepare them non-academically.... to mold their character and their spirituality.

Today the kids played with other homeschool buddies... went in their new secret wooded clubhouse... jumped on the trampoline.... climbed trees.... got stuck in trees ;) .... watched TV.... played with their siblings... played the Wii with Daddy.... made a new friend played with her.... drank hot chocolate even though it is not cold at all... We just let the fun happen!

And you know what? We are doing it again tomorrow! Crazy huh?! We are going to homeschool co-op, then to the park. We might run an important errand.... and I doubt we will do very little of our "school work" ... and that will put us behind.... again... but that's okay because we have friends coming over on Saturday and we are going to let some more fun happen. ;)

Just posting this to say.... RELAX and ENJOY your kids. What is life really about if we don't enjoy this. God gave them to us to enjoy them!


  1. I have read "Better late than early", and it's very true. I am not rushing them into anything. I am also OK if I don't finish the curriculum this year. Since all this sickness that is going around my house, we have been so laid back, only doing math, and reading on ocassion. Why stress out. And, since I'm sick yet again, no school this week. They are playing together and not fighting, so why bother make them work. Let them enjoy each other. They are only little for so long, then they'll leave us and get married, so enjoy them while they're young.

  2. It looks like we are in the same place with our little homeschool as your family.The strange thing is, since we have decided "not to stress" things are going much better.And really, there is no denying that my 5 yr old (who I don't do any real school with yet), is leaps and bounds beyond what my girls were at his age, going to traditional school.Lifestyle of learning.It works.I enjoyed your post.
    - Kathi

  3. Excellent post! I came to same conclusion as your friend about grammar. I started my son in 6th grade and he totally had it by the end of year, so we're done! We stress about so much as parents when really so much of it isn't important. :)

  4. I love this Shannon! It just confirms to me that I am not crazy for not starting grammar till middle school age. I love the idea of really focusing on character early on!

  5. I love this post Shannon. I've had the same things on my mind lately. Character is what keeps glaring at me that needs attention. You sound like you have a wonderful support system around you with the great advice you get. I have never read that book but sounds like I'd benefit from it. We have really slowed down lately and I need to remember that it's ok. I agree with grammar later but sometimes get worried when I 'forget' what I believe and see what others are doing! I'm getting better at not doing that though. Great post Shannon. Love reading your blog and love how you share what you're thinking :)

  6. I love what you have pointed out there in this post.you've said "we have to relax and enjoy our lives" as most of us surely don't do that in modern days.What do we really earn for? what do we really seek? the happiness of course its our ultimate goal.But we have totally forgot what our ultimate goal in this life is.that's why we just ignored these little little stuff that can put a smile on our faces...


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