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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


How do you stay on track when there is sickness in the home?

All was well... so we thought. The last four weeks have been filled with stomach viruses and crusty noses at our house. The week after Christmas we were on the road travelling and realized that four out of six of us had a stomach virus. We survived that and once we were well we attended a birthday party. The party throwers failed to mention that they had a stomach virus. Guess what? No surprise... we got it... five out of six of us. This weekend we went to church, but laid low... no big ventures out. We went out to eat last night... and I'm glad we got out the house for a bit because we did not realize a virus was coming. ;) All the kids were put to bed and we were getting ready to drift off to dreamland ourselves. Suddenly, we heard screams from Caden. I think his head was hurting and his fave was bright read and hot. It was obvious, but the thermometer confirmed our suspicions.... 102.3. My husband gave him some tea and I gave him Motrin. Within thirty minutes he drifted off to sleep and I continued to sit with him. I never go to sleep until I see a drop in fever. Suddenly, Caden started talking in his sleep.... so sweet... until the puke began. Oh, thank God for my husband who came running to help!!

So.... How do you stay on track when there is sickness in the home? We are always having someone sick here... so frustrating... ;) (trying to smile through it)


  1. Well, that's what rainy days are for, catching up. :) Sorry you're going through this again. Yuck!! When sickness is gone, try to get as far as you can, so if you can't teach, you're ok. As long as they can play, they can learn. If they're not puking, they can do math or read. That's the basic idea. Also, when Dad gets home run to the library and check out as many educational videos as you can. They can learn even if they are sitting on the couch. Believe me, I've had to do it.

  2. Ugh. I don't know, but I just wanted to say you're not alone! Our little one was puking all night long. :(

  3. Oh, I hope you are all doing better now. Jen's comments really make sense and I'm going to take her advise by trying to accomplish as much as possible so that when illness strikes, or toher things creep up on us, we won't get behind.

    You've already read my challenges and know we've had our own set of challenges. I'm so thankful to have blogging buddies to encourage me!

  4. By the way, you take beautiful pictures!


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