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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Father's World Weekly Posting... or something like that!

I was just thinking that I really want to share what we do in our homeschooling. I had started doing that and then, quickly became overwhelmed. Totally my fault because I thought I should share ALL the details. In this case I think the saying "less is more" may apply! ;) I am going to try to backtrack and post some of our lessons. I am learning very quickly that we are not like all homeschool families. Out of each week I PLAN to school a full five days most of the time, but life just does not work that way here. We have all been very sick this year (nothing major, but enough to change our plans). We do good to have 2 or 3 days to do school with our other obligations. God is teaching me some valuable lessons! Life is going to happen! Can I work with what life gives me? Honestly, for a while I was starting to think the answer to that was, "No!"...{and yes, with the exclamation mark}..., but now I know that God is teaching me some VITAL lessons about how to handle this life. I can do this, but I have got to change ME and MY way of thinking about EVERYTHING in my day to day life. I'll share this example:

Laundry keeps rocking on in this house and the top of washing machine can be a seat and the top of a chest-of-drawers set can be a table for my child to do her Math while I fold and hang clothes. (Savannah, 9) [future post coming about this laundry area]

I thought I could not possibly post here the way our life goes or everyone would see what a failure I am. Well, guess what? That's is the old ME thinking! I want to detail this journey for my children, so they will have it to look at one day. Also, I want to show other new homeschoolers that it is not all easy and to do that I have to be real. I will begin by going back in time to re-cap some of our past lessons. When I get that up to date I will show where we are currently and how I GREATLY MODIFY the lessons and the weeks to make them work for us. I'll tell you what I think about stopping some things to focus on others and what I think about being flexible and how VERY important that is in homeschooling.


  1. It seems like forever since I've heard from you!! Sickness keeps coming around here as well. I do so well on Modays and tuesdays, then BAM! it all goes down the drain. This is why we'll be doing school all year, with the exception of July and December. That way we can take a week of here for fun, and a week off there for sickness. :) Life happens, right?

  2. Do tell. You are probably not really much different than most home schoolers. Lately, we've been getting in a good 2-3 days of school each week, plus co-op. I'm learning that it's ok. I've seen such great strides that I know the kids are learning!

    I'm excited to hear about what you do with MFW!

  3. It does seem that we have seasons during our homeschooling that we can only get in 2-4 days of homeschooling. There are so many demands at times on our families that require our attention as Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters that pull us away from the "Teacher" for our children. I know this year we have been getting in 3 days and sometimes maybe 4, if there is nothing else going on. I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job. :-)


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