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Monday, April 19, 2010

Easy Spring Sewing


Summer Sundress Idea: The quickest and easiest sundress idea I have for girls is to make a pillowcase dress. Remember it does not have to be a pillowcase... Simply buy a yard (or little more) of a fabric, sew up one side, hem the bottom, cut out a half "U" shape for each armhole and use seam binding (bought or homemade) to finish out the armholes, then fold the two top pieces (a front and a back) down to form two seperate casings. Run ribbon or fabric through and tie at the shoulders and you have a sundress. I actually make these so that they will slip over the head without untying and make a stitch or two to hold the ties permanently tied. These can be made for a variety of ages and I have seen children wear a shirt under for extra modesty and it is cute that way. These also "grow" with your child. What can be a dress for a two year old will fit an eight year old as a shirt. Imagine the family that wants to be all matchy... Hmmm... I know some of you! I do that too as often as I can and this is a quick way to make the kiddos match. Brother can wear a coordinating shirt to blend with the girlies. ;) And on a side note, I want to say that matching your kids clothing is a great way to "bond" them to one another. My kids just get the giggles about be all "matchy" and they love it.

Don't forget how easy a Bandana Skirt is to make, also.

Follow this link from last year:
to make this and see the other's that coordinated with it, as well as, the shorts for my boy.
We were just playing in the kitchen...
trying on the skirts and not gettin all fancied up...
just a quick snapshot.


  1. That's adorable! And sew simple!!! I really want to sew more. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. I'm going to check out the skirt directions. We were able to pick up quite a bit of material from a Wal-Mart that was redoing their store. The material was 75% off. I'm ready to sew. Thanks. The girls look great in their skirts. :o)


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