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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Full Week

We are going to do a full week OF SCHOOL this week!  I don't think we have done that in a while.  We have had some crazy weeks and some stressful days for Momma to work through.  Sometimes it was the things weighing heavily on my mind that kept us from doing a full week of school, but mostly it has been things on our schedule.  Sometimes you just have to roll with it.  If it is going to make life crazy, then it is better to not be crazy.  Last week we had a week that went something like this:

Monday was free.
Tuesday the older two girls had an invitation to go to a play with our neighbor at their homeschool co-op.
     That night would be 2+ hours of practice for our church musical.
Wednesday was free during the day, but church at 5:45 - about 8:30 with more practice for the church musical.
Thursday my husband took off work to spend the day with us and go to Seussical The Musical.
Friday was our Homeschool Co-op day.

From the beginning I knew we would only have Monday and Wednesday to do schooling, so two days does not make much for a week.  I decided we would do some review work rather than try to tackle a week of work in two days.  In reality my stress level was reaching all time highs about needing a caregiver, so we did one day of schooling in the end. 

This week there is nothing on the schedule at all... even Wednesday night church services have been cancelled for the next two weeks.  We will do a full week of school for both girls and then, my husband will be off for his public school Christmas break until January 3rd and so will we.  So, it is going to be a "full week"..... happily, it should be an easier week for us, though.... since we don't have a crazy schedule.

Okay, so you might want to see a pic from our church musical....

Sierra is the one in the really large burgundy costume front row.
Savannah is all the way to the right.
Cody is the tallest one on the right side (He played the role of Cascius, the tax collector and had a lot of lines and some singing parts... He was nervous, but never missed a beat!)
The whole cast was awesome and put in a lot of hours of work on their parts and the real live Baby Jesus just made it so beautiful!  Our church is a huge blessing in our lives!

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  1. Just saw a link with this article about a lady who had a vb4c @ home. They get into the "dangers" of it, but I thought you could use a bit of encouragement :)


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