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Friday, May 30, 2014

I Want a Johnny Appleseed Mentality

I have been thinking about the orchard plantings we have done over the last year.  We have added quite a few things to our property:
  • 3 varieties of blueberry bushes - 6 bushes
  • 1 mayhaw bush
  • 3 varieties of grapes
  • 1 peach tree
  • 1 nectarine tree
  • 2 varieties of pear trees
  • 1 satsuma tree
  • 1 navel orange tree

It could be real easy to get caught up in the fact that not everything starts to produce as soon as we want it to.... or that what is produced gets taken by the birds, squirrels, or other wildlife before we get much of it... or that some plants simply do not make it. 

But I want to have a Johnny Appleseed Mentality about it all.  Who knows what my future holds.  I may not even be living here when all my plantings start to really go to fruit.  But even so I am planting and the reality is that it may never benefit my personal body.  It may be others that reap this harvest.  The thing is if we all had a Johnny Appleseed Mentality and we were all planting then our world would be filled with fresh fruits and veggies growing all around us.  I imagine a world where you go to look at a property that is for sale and it is has orchard plantings instead of decorative shrubbery.  Now, that would be amazing. 


  1. I know! I told Jason, that if we ever moved, the first thing we will do is plant tons and tons of fruit and citrus trees :)

    1. Just curious... do you get any type of notification when I reply? It was good to see you Saturday!!! We are actually planning to move soon and it is strange to look around at all our orchard plantings and think of leaving it all behind. But on the other hand it does not make sense to stay here for that either. ;)

  2. Yes, but I have to remember to check the little box that asks if i want follow-up comments sent to my email. I forgot to check the box from time to time, but when i do remember, it will send me an email with your follow-up comment ;)


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