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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Post Miscarriage Test Results

I am going to go a little in reverse for now because telling some of my story is going to be quite lengthy.   One thing that happened after my recent miscarriage is that my midwife suggested that I have some genetic testing done since this was my third miscarriage.  There were some other tests we wanted to do, also.  For years every doctor that sees me asks right away if I have ever had my thyroid checked.  Apparently, I have a bulging neck or something, but I also have quite a few symptoms of thyroid issues like a raspy voice and some other minor issues.

The doctor that did my D&C ordered a thyroid test of some sort.  Being that we were uncertain what kind of test that was done the midwife decided to order a complete thyroid panel.  In addition she wanted me to have a CBC (normal bloodwork) and a MTHFR (genetic test).

In all honesty I thought I knew how these tests would come out.  I thought:
  • there would be a thyroid issue of some sort;
  • the CBC would be all normal (because the hospital had to have done that one already);
  • and, the MTHFR would be normal (negative).

 It is funny how we get to thinking we have things figured out.... 

The test results were actually pretty much the opposite of what I thought. 
  • Thyroid Screening-- All good (the doctor never let me know the results of the testing she ordered... sigh... doctors!).
  • CBC-- My iron level was low (the doctor nor the hospital let me know this either).
  • MTHFR-- I am positive for 2 copies of the A1298C MTHFR.  That means I inherited a copy of the gene from my mother and I inherited a copy of the gene from my father.  
So, the thyroid thing is a huge blessing to know.  I have wondered about this for years, but never really invested time in having it fully checked out.  Amongst life and eight pregnancies over the years somehow it just never got tended to.  That is a huge weight off my shoulders.  My raspy voice is something that is probably just an allergy issue since my allergies are really bad... even though I choose not to treat them for the most part.  I might take a little Benadryl a few times a year and I use Lavendar Oil and vapor rub for coughs and the cruddy throat.  And, yes, I know it is weird that I mix the use of essential oils with Vapor Rub, but it works for me and I am not too concerned about a little petroleum jelly.  I just love Vapor Rub too much to give it up.  Back to the result of the other testing...

The results of the CBC show my iron is a little low and is something I think I should have been told about.  This is good to know on those days that my energy level is low.  I know to watch what I am eating or take some iron supplements.  It frustrates me that with doctors there seems to be a breakdown in the doctor/patient relationship and some information just does not get shared that really should.  (I have way more coming regarding that part of my story... way more.)

Even though I am not happy to find out I have a gene mutation, MTHFR, I feel it is a blessing to know that I have this.  Since I know I have it I feel I can better my health by making changes.  It is also likely that my children have it and I feel I have a responsibility to educate them and maybe when they are adults they will not have miscarriages and other health issues.  You can read my last post that has some links to go to to learn more about MTHFR by clicking here.  I want to be clear that I do not think the MTHFR is for sure why I had this miscarriage or my others.  I do believe it could be, though.  If you want to learn more, I suggest you do some research starting with the links on my other post and other sources.  There are way more issues that area caused by MTHFR.  It is worth looking into a bit. 

In the future you can expect to hear how my family is changing our diet.  I also hope to eventually have my kids tested.  We already do some great things for our health regarding diet and I just see this as one more step in the right direction.  There are moments I want to cry because the changes are hard, but I know those changes would be better for any person's health, so it is a win-win situation to make the changes.  The only thing I am finding difficult is that some things are just difficult to acquire, but we do what we can. 

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