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Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Talk Turkey!

I feel the need to play a bit of catchup on what has gone on during my break in posting.  This little adventure happened just before Thanksgiving.  This gives new meaning to "bringing home the turkey".  Only this turkey is NOT for Thanksgiving dinner.  We just needed to get our Tom and his lady moved to our current home. What better way than to just put them in the car with us?!  

Yeah.  It was weird.  The turkeys thought so, too.  I need to point out that turkeys aren't really cuddly creatures.  I mean, they do not want to be caught and they certainly don't want to be held.  And, they are very strong.  Once you have them they do settle down but that does not mean they like it.  Somewhere along the road trip Savannah mentioned a warm feeling on the side of her leg.  Hmmmm... It seems that nervous lady she was holding had to poo.  Fun times!  Memories being made folks!!! Great memories!  

So, we got them home and put them in the temporary housing with the chickens.  All was well until it kept raining... and raining.... and raining.  We soon discovered that our temporary housing location was a bad choice.  It's a good thing it was temporary.  These birds were wading in water an inch deep part of the time.  Over Christmas break we surveyed the land a bit and moved them to higher ground.  That is what we got to spend our precious Saturday doing.  It was good that we did it then because more ran came... and more rain... and more.  Those birds would have been in water three inches deep!  They have been enjoying the higher ground.  We moved the rabbits nearby, also to get them away from the water.  

Now, to fast toward to current days....
All has been well.  All of the chickens, turkeys, and rabbits have been working well in their new location.  Suddenly, our dogs have taken an extra interest in them this past week, though. It stems from a couple of the neighbor dogs coming over and discovering all these interesting caged creatures.  One if our dogs, Sugar, decided to show off her skills to the others and somehow got our Tom through the cyclone fence dog kennel (the temporary housing).  Honestly, I don't know how Tom is still alive.  I told Cody he needed to kill him shortly after the incident but we are all quite attached to Tom and Cody would not kill the poor thing.  

It's bad!  Interestingly, I did not realize until posting this picture that Sugar is in the background.  She is awfully proud of herself.  Bad dog!!  The first night I locked Tom up in the chicken coop and kept him locked up the next day.  I was seriously surprised to find him alive the next day.  In all honesty I was kind of thinking if he died and he was locked up in the coop we could salvage the bird for meat.  Nope!  He made it.  And, the next day he was still alive.  And, the next... Still hanging on.  I can not imagine that wound healing but it is just the skin torn back.  The parts are all in tact otherwise. Sierra keeps asking if he is dead yet because she wants some turkey.  The rest of us are quite happy he is still hanging in.  He's our Tom-Tom!!! I honestly think he may pull through.  I hope so because we really need him to breed with his lady and give us some little turkey poults to raise and eat.  

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