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Friday, January 16, 2015

Muddin' Introduction

Long ago in a time far away in the most distant recesses of my mind there was a time when Cody and I used to get muddy on four wheelers.  It could be warm or cold. It simply did not matter.  If we had a chance, we would go muddin'.  That stopped when I was pregnant the first time and the doctor told me I should not be on a four wheeler while pregnant. Somehow with a baby we never got back into it since the four wheelers were my parents.  

Now that we live in the country my parents decided to give us one of their four wheelers since they don't use them much anymore.  Cody's parents had another that they gave us that has been sitting up unused for three years.  It would need a new battery and some tinkering with but it is working now, also!!! What a gift to receive!!! Of course, there have to be tight rules for safety for the kids on the four wheelers.  The first couple of weeks we really reinforced the importance of safety and taking it slow.  They are only allowed to ride in 2nd gear and take the curves extra slow, etc.. But those rules are for the kids.  You can imagine their surprised faces when we got behind the wheel!!! We showed them what it is all about!  

They were just starting to get a little mud in them in this picture, so they were smearing a little in each others faces.  

Sahara soon found out what mud was all about!  That WAS a white shirt!  

She really liked it afterall. 

Savannah and Sierra were all about to trying to "share" their mud with each other.  

Caden decided to just get IN the mud hole.  Yuk!  

That's pretty nasty really.  

Having fun! 

And. Then.... Daddy got a little bit of payback!!! 

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