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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sierra & Lyme's Disease: Part 1

This past Summer (2015) Sieera had a weird chin rash.  It looked like broken capillaries under her skin.  It lasted about 3 days and faded away.  It showed up again in the early Fall... And, again in November.  After a discussion with a friend who is a pediatric nurse about the rash we decided to take her into the doctor and request Lyme's Disease testing.  The rash had faded and was barely showing, so the doctor refused the testing stating that it was unnecessary for our area (South Texas).  In the last days of December the rash showed up, again.  It seems the rash was always making it's appearance over the weekend and was mostly faded away by Monday morning each time.  Knowing the doctor would not take it serious if it could not be seen I did not take her in.  Two weeks later another breakout showed up.  I took Sierra to the doctor that Monday (yes, another weekend breakout).  I was ready to completely put up a fight to get the testing done.  Fortunately, the doctor was perplexed and ready to get answers, also.  She ordered the Lyme's testing, a CBC, and decided to also do a blood coagulation test.   

I got a call stating that we needed to come back into the office on Friday for discussion of test results. Sierra's Lyme's Disease test came back positive for three of the markers for Lyme's and negative for twelve of the markers.  It was immediately decided that she needed to start a special antibiotic right away. The antibiotic would be taken twice a day for two full weeks.  We did this and brought her back in for follow up testing this past Friday, February 5th.  The hope is that the antibiotic will cure the Lyme's.  So, now we wait it out.  

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  1. I seem to be hearing more and more about this! I hope everything turns out ok!


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